Asia Pharma Expo Bangladesh – An International Exhibition on South Asian Pharmaceutical Market
  • Welcome to ASIA PHARMA EXPO

Why Online Exhibition.?

  • Healthcare manufacturing is the top priority across the globe
  • Pharma companies investing and expanding their manufacturing facilities among the South Asian countries
  • Online Exhibition offers an excellent cost effective product / services resourcing opportunity to network and explore to connect with the targeted solution provider
  • Due to health & safety limitation of the pandemic, it is worthwhile to avoid to organize the physical exhibitions, while the Online Exhibition applies latest technical aspects to offer the optimum business networking domain bypassing all the limitations (Social Distancing, Travel, Logistics, Vulnerability to infectious diseases, and many more associated risk factors)



Objective for Organizing the Online Exhibition for South Asia:

  • Strategic exposure of untapped potential of the pharma markets of South Asia
  • Knowledge sharing platform
  • To explore the new markets
  • To accelerate the exports trade
  • To showcase the strength of the products / services
  • To identify local Associate to initiate the business in South Asia
  • To network with the local Drug Stores (Formulation Importers)

ASIA PHARMA EXPO (Online Exhibition) - A thoughtful move..

  • Enables each exhibiting company with more insightful features
  • All essential aspects incorporated those are basics of any physical exhibitions
  • Ease of quick responses
  • Sharing of information through brochures / documents / Video


ASIA PHARMA EXPO 2021 (Online Exhibition) features:

  • Accelerates an instant business connectivity
  • Global exposure without any geographical barriers
  • Ease of accessibilities - Mobile / Laptop / PC
  • Ease of business networking
  • Longer Exhibit Hours
  • Live Chat to engage prospective suppliers
  • Live Webinars
  • Real-time experience with negligible investment
  • Bypassing several other associated expenses (Travel, Logistics, Accommodation)
  • Options of affordable packages
  • Cost effective participation